Linguistics research and the climate crisis

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Students for Future Leipzig

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  • Public Climate School 2019
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Seminar: Die Folgen des Klimawandels auf die (linguist.) Forschung

Prof. Martin Haspelmath, Dr. Anke Himmelreich

We hope that people from many different fields can make it and that we can have an open exchange of ideas about the topic of flights in academia in general (not necessarily with focus on linguistics).

These are some of the questions that we would like to discuss:

  1. Can networking and personal communication in science work without international conferences? Are Skype talks the future?
  2. How important should the participation in conferences be for the evaluation of scientific work? Should conferences be viewed as a career boost?
  3. Which attitude towards flights do we need in science? Should flying be condemned?

15 bis max. 20 Leute