Climate action as collective action: opportunities for the classroom

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Students for Future Leipzig

  • Public Climate School 2019
  • reguläre Lehrveranstaltung (für Gäste geöffnet)

Effective climate action is fundamentally an issue of global collective action, a challenge to our human capacities to work together and learn together to solve the looming crisis of our times. In this light, what should education look like to support students in the development of effective climate actions? We present new ideas and projects for conceptual understanding and citizen science in the service of solving the many collective action dilemmas that drive climate change.

Die Veranstaltung wird in englischer Sprache durchgeführt.

Referent*innen sind Dustin Eirdosh und Susan Hanisch (

Prof. Dr. Kristina Musholt


Seminarraum 426, Neues SeminargebäudeUniversitätsstraße 104109 LeipzigGermany