Intersectional feminism, Black Feminism, structural racism and oppression

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Students for Future Leipzig

  • Public Climate School 2019
  • BiPoC

Mica Oh & Robert Senftleben

My name is Mica Oh and I, along with a fantastic team, teach structural racism. We do this through a lecture as I have written, and then a workshop where we go deeper into the most important topics as the speech falls on the word racism.

As a WoC, I have lived most of my life in Denmark and where I have undeniably lived my life in a white world. Where the global power structure falls out in favor of white people. I have been taught in white schools, and have experienced how the structure in every respect always fell out in favor of white people, somehow. Whether it was the workplace, the disco, the shopping center, the cafe, the police, or the legal areas.

Everything fell out in favor of white people, and the structure created by white people and made, to and for white people.

That is, racism is structural. Racism is not a 1: 1 enterprise, but something that permeates the system. And there are good reasons for that.

The reasons we talk about in our teaching. Where I talk about the structure and how the structure feeds on racism on a daily basis.

In the workshop we talk about privileges, blind angles, language and language usage. We talk about the discovery of the unknown, white fragility and the unknown when you as a white discover that blind angles are a thing and that you can be a racist without even knowing it.

We talk about how to become a better ally, and not least we find tools and strategies on how we, as fellow human beings, can stop racism and its structure together.

Seminarraum 420, Neues SeminargebäudeUniversitätsstraße 1LeipzigGermany