The Story of Tomorrow

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Students for Future Leipzig

  • Public Climate School 2019
  • Filmvorführung

Although the threats of the climate crisis become seemingly more visible, we are easily overwhelmed and paralysed by the complexity of the topic. It often seems easier to not get too deep into a spiral of negative news and apocalyptic future scenarios. But as we acknowledge the need for change, it becomes more and more important to start engaging with the issue and what it means for us and the world.

This workshop and film aim to break through the complex and confusing facts of climate change by looking at the root problem of the climate crisis and where change needs to start happening.

Film: 37 min., 2019 (Englisch mit englischen Untertiteln)

Referentin und Regisseurin: Emily Bankert

Diskussion auf Deutsch & English, der Film ist auf Englisch // discussion will be bilingual, film is in English

Hörsaal Samir Flores Soberanes (HS 16), HörsaalgebäudeAugustusplatz 10LeipzigGermany